Sales Manager

Posted by Northern States Broadcasting Corp

Saginaw, Bay City, Midland, MI
Posted: 2018-02-08


Unique Opportunity for an Exceptional Ad Exec

We are creating a brand new radio station serving the Tri Cities DMA. Its music formal will be unique to the market, BUT a proven success in a top 3 market, heretofore dominated by heritage stations. In that top 3 market, peopulated by dozens of stations, the TSL and cumes dominate others in the space of less than 2 years!

We will replicate that experience in the Tri Cities broadcast market with the support of some of the nations smartest programmers and radio imagers. 

This is an exciting opportunity for a the right sales person: no micro-managing; emphasis on creativity to attain the job objectives; compensation to recognize success.

The slate is blank now: we will be on the air shortly. The sky is the limit!



The successful candidate will evidence an intimate knowledge of the radio market in the Tri-cities, or the ability to acquire such knowledge in a short period of time. This includes rates, programs, and much more.

The ability to create a compelling advertising sales methodology is a must. Creativity is important. But the candidate will be given the tools to bring that creativity to fruition: they will be vested with the complete availability inventory, and the authority to make any and all deals to minimize unused inventory. 

Success brings rewards: the highest commissions; significant bonuses for reasonably attained targets; a share of ownership to reflect consistent sales success.


Demonstrated excellence in the business to date.

Demonstrated success in pushing the envelope, vis a vis creative ad programs and packages.

Ability to work independently, free of intensive oversite and micro-directives.

Knowledge of local and national ad markets.

Ability to convincingly demonstrate to ad buys the demonstrable, beneficial difference of this station. 


Please send your resume to:

Include any other information that you feel would be beneficial to our evaluation.

Please note: job does NOT require residence in the tri-cities market. 

Job posted by an Equal Opportunity Employer